Moment when teens get kicked off tram after ‘trying to light a cigarette’ and taunting driver

Tense moment teens kicked off tram after ‘tried to light a cigarette’ and taunted driver

  • Aussies Jump on the Defense of a Streetcar Driver Who Removed Three Teens
  • Tram driver threw teenage boys from his vehicle when they became aggressive
  • They were asked to leave when they tried to smoke while on the tram
  • After refusing, a boy started yelling and cursing at the driver before he left

Footage has surfaced showing a tram driver throwing three boys from his vehicle after they tried to smoke on board.

In the video, which was uploaded on Friday, a young man with a makeshift slingshot yelled at the driver as shocked onlookers looked on.

The boys reportedly tried to “smoke” on the tram and were asked to leave before chaos erupted.

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A video uploaded Friday showed a Melbourne tram worker kicking three teenagers from his tram in a physical altercation

When the boy started yelling at the tram driver with his arm in a makeshift sling, he initially closed the door separating him from the passengers.

The boy called the driver a “f**king dog” and said they were on their way to the hospital.

He became increasingly aggressive before the driver came out of his barricaded section and physically removed the boy and his two friends from the vehicle.

The boys continued to curse and fight as the driver removed them.

The boys reportedly ‘try to smoke’ on the tram and were asked to leave before the incident

Commenters on the video applauded the driver’s efforts and said he had done the right thing by throwing the boys off the tram.

“Finally someone who isn’t afraid of lanky little kids,” one wrote.

‘Good of him! tram drivers don’t deserve the abuse,” said another.

One of the boys with his arm in a makeshift sling started cursing aggressively at the tram driver and yelling that he had to ‘go to the hospital’ before the driver would remove them

“That last guy wasn’t even with them, he just grabbed a random eshay and threw it,” another commenter joked.

However, some commentators condemned the tram driver for throwing out a teenager in need of medical care.

“His yelling that he needs a hospital with a broken arm then throws him around…yes so safe,” one person wrote.



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